Endless design possibilities

Qbiss One is one of the smoothest and flattest metal wall solutions of its class.

Qbiss One is distinguished by its unique and patented rounded corner element, which eliminates the need to cut, weld, or fold the panel which are so often areas of weakness, failure and eventual discoloration on traditional metal rainscreens.

Qbiss One is available in flat or curved options, for even greater flexibility, with either recessed or flush joints, or a combination of the two. The Qbiss One element can also be installed in a variety of different orientations including vertical, horizontal, stacked or off-set for a ‘brick-like’ effect. Combinations of these are also possible to present the widest design possibilities and allow constructions to be truly individual.

Unique flatness, larger sizes

Clean and smooth façade designs are possible with Qbiss One. It excels in its extreme flatness at any size.

With lengths from 530mm up to 6,500mm Qbiss One provides longer facade elements then conventional metal rainscreens, which are typically up to 3 metres.

Qbiss One flattest wall in its class

Joint options

Qbiss One system allows the combination of various permutations of recessed and flush joints.

Qbiss One B
Qbiss One F
Qbiss One FB
Qbiss One BF
Qbiss One BF-B
Qbiss One BF-F

ArtMe facade design




ArtMe is the latest, unique, high-tech facade surface treatment that allows literally unlimited shapes, patterns and visual effects to be expressed on the façade surface for dramatic, individual and creative results.

From designs and pictures to inscriptions, logos, brands and bespoke creations, ArtMe makes this possible without the need for adhesives, additional elements or structural devices.

ArtMe uses a highly controlled, 3D-forming technology, which is being used for the first time on completed façade elements with pre-coated steel-sheet surfaces. Recognising the importance of product performance, the original integrity and characteristics of the façade elements are preserved without compromise.

The technology behind the façade surface re-shaping allows any design of choice to be chosen. Although there is the option to select pre-designed patterns. 

Installation options


This installation presents the classic and most commonly used orientation type. The horizontal modular façade system is composed of individual façade elements, joined in the horizontal direction (longitudinal) with a tongue and groove stack system, and fixed to the supporting structure in a vertical direction (transversal). Longitudinal joint sealing is accomplished using gaskets, integrated in both longitudinal joints; transversal joints (vertical joints) are sealed with a specially profiled gasket.


This installation, also called "brick built installation", is the latest innovation to hit the façade element market.

This solution not only enables a symmetrical shift (the vertical joint in the middle of the upper or lower façade element is offset) but also means that vertical joints can be located anywhere on the longitudinal axis of the neighboring horizontal façade elements.


This innovative installation offers another design option to architects who may be seeking to add further individuality to their projects.

With asymmetrical structured installation, the horizontal axis is completely aligned along the whole width of the building, whilst the verticals are aligned according to a random installation. This way, the building envelope creates a modern dynamism, highlighting the form of the building and other architectural features.


This modular façade system is composed of individual façade elements, joined in a vertical direction (transversal) with a tongue and groove system, and fixed to the supporting structure in a horizontal direction (longitudinal).

Longitudinal joint sealing is accomplished using gaskets, integrated in both longitudinal joints, with additional sealant in the groove of the EPDM corner element; transversal joints (horizontal joints) of the element are sealed with a specially profiled gasket.


This enables individual façade elements to be connected vertically.

Variety can be achieved by installing modular façade elements with a shift in a horizontal direction.


Qbiss One uses ultimate corrosion protection with Colorcoat Prisma® by Tata Steel for up to 30 years via its Confidex® Guarantee.

Range of Colours

Special metalics

Solid metalics
Silver Metallic
Grey Alluminium

Solid colours
Oxide Red
Chocolate Brown
Alaska Grey
Slate Grey

Matt colours

Versatile design

Materials and looks

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon, wooden look

Colour options

  • One colour for the whole building
  • Different colours of elements organised in a random pattern or in large colour surfaces
  • Different colours of shadow line

*Other colours are available upon request.

Lighting solution

Qbiss One lighting solution

The Qbiss One lighting solution is a prefabricated element with integrated LED lights. Low-energy, efficient and long-lasting the LED lights are available in a wide spectrum of colours and hues for the greatest number of applications.

Modular and integrated Qbiss One lighting solution is compatible with all Qbiss One elements for seamless integration and aesthetics. The LED lights can be installed in both horizontal and vertical joints for creative as well and functional possibilities. 




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