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Porsche Car showroom Amsterdam

The Porsche Centre does not have a real front or backside, it is all-round. The eyecatcher is the round shaped awning-like façade with view to the motorway. Architect was looking for a façade element that did not just look elegant but that was also fire-resistant and waterproof.

Quote Asta Elín Kristinsson and Ton van den Heuvel

Working with Qbiss One went very well,  we like the high design level and will certainly work with it again.

Qbiss One
curved modular facade element

In order to construct the curved part of the façade, Trimo developed curved façade elements, which are fully prefabricated and match the requested standards. The solution is the result of an innovative process of the treatment, remodelling, and composition of individual elements.

Location Porsche centrum Amsterdam

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