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Outstanding design performance

McLaren Technology Centre from the air

Trimo worked closely with McLaren and the design team and its Qbiss One system was even specially adapted to facilitate the architectural vision that would make the MPC a functional yet visually appealing production facility. Of course Qbiss One had also the necessary credentials to offer the performance required of the envelope including water tightness, insulation, fire protection and self-supporting character. The MPC embodies the McLaren ethos of innovation and performance and Trimo’s Qbiss One systems says all this and more.

Quote Ron Dennis

The efforts of Trimo have been essential in bringing such a lengthy design and build process to a hugely satisfying conclusion.

High asthetic
total wall solution

Trimo’s Qbiss One F system was the ideal solution as its simple, minimal aesthetic, without the necessary requirement for cover strips, presented the necessary linear architectural solution as well as meeting the fast-track and economic demands of the project. Qbiss One F was used for both the inner and outer skin of the building, amounting to approximately 9,000 m2 of Qbiss One cladding, and throughout the entire project, a strong collaborative partnership existed between McLaren and Trimo to ensure the solution was the most appropriate and met all construction, logistical and architectural requirements.

Location McLaren Production Centre

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