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Extremely Airtight Building


The building also excels due to exceptional technical characteristics of the envelope which almost reaches extremes. 60 times better air-tightness as normally used in conventional buildings is a technical requirement, and enables the industry to ensure the best quality. All this presents a small revolution regarding implementation and deserves special recognition. The extremely airtight prefabricated building, Etra, is built from a load-bearing steel construction and Trimo’s insulated, fire-proof façade cladding system Trimoterm.

Quote Friderik Knez

The test results showed exceptional airtightness for Trimo’s configuration and design of the large and complex Etra building.

energy savings

The building is extremely airtight and economic in use as it facilitates low energy consumption, which brings substantial energy savings. It was completed with a number of demanding detailed solutions.

Location Kolektor - Etra Production facility

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