Un-insulated roof systems

Trimoval is a profiled single skin metal sheet intended for roofing and cladding of un-insulated buildings, canopies, shelters or ventilated roofs and façades.

Corrugated sheet metal TP 1000

Trimoval TP 1000 panels are manufactured from galvanized and painted steel sheet metal, used for cladding roofs and façades of buildings that are not heated or as final cladding of ventilated roofs and façades.



Trimoval TPO 1000 roof coverings anti-condensation layer

Trimoval TPO 1000 roof covering is made from galvanised and on one-side painted steel sheet metal. There is an 8-10 mm thick insulation layer of polyurethane on the bottom side that prevents the creation of condensation in case of supercooling of the covering. The lower layer of plates is sealed with reinforced aluminium foil. 

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