Trimo Research Awards for 16 visionary solutions of young people

Trebnje, 10 December 2014 – In response to the call of the Trimo Research Awards 11 awards and 5 recognitions were granted today for the best academic works. The works take into account the latest achievements of science, new approaches and solutions, which Trimo can use in practice and results of which will contribute to further success of the company.

Four doctoral dissertations were awarded, while three received special recognitions. Two awards were granted for an outstanding master thesis, while seven works were awarded at the undergraduate level. Applicants prepared their undergraduate, specialist, master's theses and doctoral dissertation in the fields of architecture, industrial design, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry and economics and management.

“Students proposed in their works visionary solutions that are definitely the future of not only the construction industry but also other industries,” Chairman of Trimo Research Awards, Črtomir Remec commented on the submitted works.

The annual response to the competition draws attention to the need for cooperation. The interplay of professions, generations, sectors and ultimately the academic sphere and the economy leads to long-term satisfaction of the market and the wider community. At the same time it also encourages innovation of students, their professional development and gives meaning to their contribution to society.

Igor Kržan, Chairman of the Board at Trimo, in this regard emphasised: “Trimo has been following the ambition of providing efficient, sustainable, aesthetically and technically advanced solutions in the construction industry for more than half a century. Therefore we are happy to support and monitor the projects of young people who give a new dimension and help to bridge the existing technological challenges give a new dimension and help to bridge the existing technological challenges to existing business solutions with their fresh approaches. A large number of applications to Trimo Research Awards confirms the interest of future generations and considers the key areas of Trimo operations as one of the favourite research topics.”

In twelve years, Trimo awarded a total of nearly 470 works as part of this competition. Mentors from 60 universities participated in this. In addition to the transfer of information, knowledge and ideas between Trimo and universities, the recognition of the company among students and specialists has also increased in these years. As much as a quarter of all the winners continued cooperation with Trimo even after the awards ceremony. 

You can read more about the Trimo Research Awards at the following website:, which will also feature the abstracts of winning entries.