In the developed world, it is estimated that over 40 % of energy use is attributable to buildings. As a result there is a tremendous amount that can be done to reduce this consumption, thereby saving energy and at the same time lowering CO2 emissions. In order for building owners and investors to accurately assess the financial and environmental return on investment of any improvements in energy efficiency the energy use of that building must first be calculated.

In cooperation with our partners, in particular, the Faculty of Mechanical engineering, University of Ljubljana, Trimo has developed a free software package that allows the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of a building to be calculated. The software calculates in accordance with European standard EN ISO 13790 (monthly method) and Slovenian building regulations. The software is primarily designed for architects and HVAC & building engineers, who will be able to freely verify the calculation of energy use and CO2 emissions of a building, as well as produce energy comparison performance details of the building using different envelope or HVAC solutions.

As the software has been designed around Trimo products for the building envelope, it is also extremely useful for Trimo engineers and salespeople.

Basic functions:

  • calculation of energy use and CO2 emissions of buildings worldwide
  • calculation of U-value of the building envelope
  • verification of water vapour diffusion adequacy
  • detailed HVAC calculation
  • inclusion of renewable energy sources to building energy calculations

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