Trimo Recapitalised by Creditor Banks

Trebnje, 9 June 2014 – The deadline for increasing the equity capital of Trimo with both cash and non-cash contributions, which was approved by Trimo shareholders on 26th May 2014, expired last Friday. By then, the creditor banks, which are the principal owners of Trimo, had successfully converted 13.2 million euros of loans into Trimo equity.

Trimo was recapitalised by the following banks: NLB, Abanka Vipa, Probanka, Gorenjska banka, NKBM, SKB, and SID Bank, which also acts as the co-ordinator of all ten creditor banks. As a result, the company’s equity capital will amount to 18.3 million euros. For the capital increase to be entered into the Business Register one remaining pre-condition must be fulfilled and this is expected to be completed in the next few days. The management of Trimo welcomes the shareholders’ decision to recapitalise the company and views it as positive news for all stakeholders as it ensures the solvency of the company.