The winner of the ArtMe Facade Design Challenge is …

We’re delighted to announce that The Bristol Aerospace Centre, United Kingdom, is the winner of the ArtMe Facade Design Challenge.

The Bristol Aerospace Collection Trust
is creating a new home for the last Concorde made and flown from Filton. It will be housed in a purpose-designed hangar, which will form the centrepiece of an exciting new museum: the Bristol Aerospace Centre.

Concorde 216, the finest of the British fleet, will be conserved and displayed within the context of technical innovation, international collaboration and the people who made it possible, in the hope it will inspire today’s and future generations in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM).

ArtMe façade design allows investor Bristol Aerospace Collection Trust and architectural office Purcell to show blueprint drawings of Concorde on the outside of the building to engage with visitors and encourage them to discover what lies within. The building will become part of the history of the site.

The international jury, architects Manus Leung, Australia and Kacper Krywult, Poland, also the winners of Trimo Urban Crash competition, Robert Charousek, architect in Trimo CZ, Czech Republic, Maja Lapajne, marketing director Trimo, Slovenia and Mitja Vovko, architect in Trimo, Slovenia, evaluated all the submissions and declared The Bristol Aerospace Centre the award winning project.

Commenting on the winning project the jury said: “The building façade excels in an abstraction of using vertical lines in order to create the image of plane on reflective surface. This facade solution is extremely commendable and deserves recognition”.

The winning project The Bristol Aerospace Centre is awarded the prize of € 1500 and up to 300 m2 free-of-charge ArtMe façade design realisation.

The Bristol Aerospace Centre - the winner of ArtMe Façade Design Challenge
Building a new home for Concorde 2016