Sustainable Refurbishment of Building Facades

Brussels, 2 February 2016 - Trimo and The Ambassadors’ Club of Slovenia in Belgium organized a series of lectures at the Brussels Business Club with the special focus being Sustainable Refurbishment of Building Facades.

The honourable guest speaker was prof. Phil Jones, an internationally renowned expert in the field of energy use, environmental design and sustainability in the built environment. In the area of refurbishment he is an advocate of the so called “Deep retrofit” initiative, where in addition to the advanced technical characteristics of the building materials, the healthy indoor living conditions are equally key components that accelerate the effectiveness and wellbeing of its occupants. In his comparison of the Qbiss Air façade system against conventional facades he made it clear that “Trimo has the potential to offer considerable energy savings and improved comfort compared to the pre-retrofit situations, and significant benefits compared to a more standard retrofit solution”.

On the more theoretical side of prof. Jones lectures, Mr. Atle Geving, architect and managing director of ARCSYS, Architectural Systems Company, gave us an insite into the recently completed Qbiss Air Façade for the Oslo Refurbishment Building where high energy demands, cultural and historical protection of the building façade had to be taken into consideration. Mr. Atle pointed out the benefits of the Qbiss Air façade system such that up to 50% reduced façade thickness with no external sunshades and 60% reduced energy consumption during the life cycle of the building compared to conventional building facades, made the Oslo refurbishment project the “warmest building in the world!”

The  high interest of refurbishment and sustainable construction in Europe could be seen also through high calibre of delegates from renowned architectural studios and general contractors that attended the lecture, we had a chance to meet and exchange opinions, experiences and discuss possible future collaborations.