Qbiss One and Trimoterm FM Approved

‘FM Approvals’ is an internationally recognized testing and certification service for industrial and commercial products, in order to reduce property loss risk. Certification assures specifiers and end-users that a product or service has been objectively tested and conforms to the highest national and international standards (for both manufacture and performance). FM Approved products are often demanded by investors and insurance companies to minimize the risk of losses in buildings they need to insure.

There are over 150 FM Approval standards. Standards relevant to sandwich panels include:

  • FM 4881 – tests static and cyclic pressure, hail resistance and cyclic pressure for hurricane zones (see below)
  • FM 4880 – tests fire performance.


  1. Testing for FM 4881 assumes that products have already been tested for FM 4880.
  2. FM 4881 was developed as a consequence of losses suffered post Hurricane Andrew 1992 in United States. FM 4881 is applicable to all areas of the world, whether a hurricane zone or not.

Which Trimo products hold FM Approval certification?

Qbiss One metal total wall solution and Trimoterm panels have passed the stringent testing requirements and have been granted FM Approvals classes 4880 and 4881 under the category of ‘Insulated Wall or Wall and Roof/Ceiling Panels for Interior and/or Exterior Use’. Trimoterm and Qbiss One have also been certified as adequate for specification in hurricane zones.

The key tests performed on Qbiss One and Trimoterm include:

  • Fire testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Wind load testing
  • Hail resistance testing

About the FM Approvals Guide

Many building envelope manufacturers claim that they hold FM Approval, but be aware that the certification is awarded to specific products... and not to companies!

You can check which products are certified by logging on to www.approvalguide.com (free registration). Select ‘Building materials’ and type in a keyword (either product or company) to view the list of products and FM standard number.


Products identified with the GREEN symbol also have performance criteria, considered to be ‘sustainable’ by certain external organizations.