Trimo with a new investor, supervisory board and a new management team after successful financial investment by a leading Central Europe private equity fund, Innova Capital

Today’s shareholder meeting of Trimo had two items on the agenda: recall of the existing supervisory board and appointment of new members. Blaž Angel, Matija Vojsk, Gregor Krajnc and Anton Škrlj have been recalled from supervisory board.

New members of the supervisory board since 7 April 2016 are:

  • Jeffery L. Grady (Bull Run Turnaround & Interim Management) – Chairman
  • Andrzej Bartos (Innova Capital)  – Vice Chairman
  • Nevenka Črešnar Pergar (NP Consulting) – Member
  • Jože Drčar (workers representavive) – Member
  • Peter Štrekelj (workers representative) - Member
  • Sebastian Teter (Innova Capital)  - Member

After the shareholder meeting the new supervisory board of Trimo held it's first session. Maciej Radomski was appointed as the new CEO of Trimo.

The Other first new members of the Trimo management team are:

  • Jacek Jańczuk - Operational Excellence Officer
  • Bartosz Jurkiewicz - Chief Procurement Officer - Member of Management Board
  • Tine Svoljšak - Executive Director of Finance, Trimo Group

All four members of the new management team start their new functions as of today. On the same day, the CEO Igor Kržan, and COO, and Bojan Gantar, were relieved of their mandate. Together, they implemented significant steps to stabilize Trimo and prepare the Company for the next stage of expansion and growth. 

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