European Green Office (EGO) Workshop

Trimo and the Faculty of Design are organising a workshop entitled Green Office Trimo, where students will develop a so-called European Green Office - EGO.

In the conceptual design of the workspace, the students will incorporate Trimo’s and Akripol’s products: Qbiss One, Art Me, Qbiss Air, Aglas and Aglas Design. They will also take into account the  management and implementation principles as well as the current “green” recommendations of the EU.

The workshop programme includes the design of flooring, ceilings, external and internal walls as well as futuristic office equipment that will serve the needs of tomorrow’s generations and multi-functional furniture that integrates lighting functions.

The design solutions will be on display at Trimo from 14 May 2015 and you are cordially invited to take a glimpse into the future.  

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