Jeffery L. Grady - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Trimo

Jeffery L. Grady - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Trimo

Jeffery has had a long hand-on management career, creating success across various countries in Central Europe. His career has included turnaround management, restructuring, and investment via private equity vehicles and venture capital. Jeffery was previously the CEO of Metalplast Oborniki, where he and Maciej were the key ‘drivers’ of a very successful turnaround on behalf of private equity and institutional shareholders. The company was successfully sold to Ruuki Construction after the turnaround. Jeffery has a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Yale University.

Maciej Radomski - Chief Executive Board

Maciej Radomski - CEO

Maciej was Partner at Bull Run - Turnaround & Interim Management Company. He graduated in economics from the Akademia Ekonomiczna Poznan. He has experience in managing companies and a track record of successful turnaround and business development projects. Together with Jeffery, they implemented a highly successful restructuring of Metalplast Oborniki in Poland – at the time the biggest sandwich panel producer in Central Eastern Europe. Within three years of taking over the management, the output of the company increased from 850 000 m2 of panels to 3,5 million m2 and the value of the company increased over eight times. In more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Radomski has held all key top management positions.

Alexander Karnovsky  - Group Chief Financial Officer

Alex has started his professional development with two Fortune 500 companies in the FMCG and Home Improvement industry respectively. Later on Alex transitioned into medium sized companies Xerium Technologies Inc., where he held several executive finance positions with continuously increasing scope and responsibility and Durafiber Technologies Inc. where he served as CFO of the European operations. Alex has held offices in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United States. He graduated from Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien with a diploma in Business Administration.

Jacek Janczuk - Operational Excellence Officer

Jacek Janczuk - Operational Excellence Officer

Jacek was the leader of the Department of Organization and IT in Metalplast Oborniki (1992-1997). Then he was the founder and owner of a company providing IT services and process management, especially for sandwich panel and manufacturing companies across several countries of Europe. From 2005-2008 he was Team Leader for building and implementing a global Order-to-Delivery panels production process system for Ruukki Construction. Additionally, Jacek was the Project Manager for the start-up and implementation of 6 large sandwich panel production operations in Poland, Scandinavia, Romania and Ukraine. Jacek has over 20 years of experience in starting and optimizing the production of sandwich panels and steel constructions.

Jure Gošte - Sales Director

Jure Gošte - Commercial Director

Jure has been working with Trimo for more than 15 years. After an initial two years apprenticeship he was given the role of developing the business and Trimo brand in United Kingdom. Within 5 years, operations in the UK had developed to become a key and leading market for the Trimo Group. Upon his return to Trimo HQ back in 2008, he took over the estimating department, which is responsible for tendering the for most complex projects, including design, building steel structures, building envelope and installation. Three years ago he was given the role of group sales director and is holding one of the key roles within Trimo's Group business development, together with his dedicated sales team and is personally involved in securing major projects and contracts.

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